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Maryam Shafipour’s father asked Rouhani to consider his daughter’s condition: we don’t know where she is!

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Maryam Shfypour, a student activist, a former member of Mehdi Karroubi’s campaign and an expelled university student has been arrested on the fifth of August 2013 by Iran ‘s Intelligence Ministry, it was told that she has been transferred to and has spent the past few days in a hospital without her family’s knowledge.

Her father says he doe not know her daughter’s whereabouts, her health condition, and the reason for her arrest or her transfer to the hospital.

Mr. Mahmoud Shfipour said in a conversation (on 17 September, 2013 ) with the International Campaign for Human Rights in response to the question of when he became aware of her daughter’s transfer to the hospital, that: “We were allowed to have a cabin visit in prison on Monday, but when I went there, prison officials informed us that they had sent her to the hospital and we can visit Maryam tomorrow morning. We stood and waited in front of the prison from morning to noon the next day, but we were not even allowed to make a phone call. Officers did not give us any answers as to why she was taken to the hospital, and we still have no idea if she is still in the hospital or returned to jail.”

Shfipour’s father added that her 25 year old daughter had been in solitary for 50 days in which she only called the parents twice and they had only 2 visits with the presence of her case prosecutor and her interrogator during this time. It was in their second visit that she told them that she suffers of severe right arm pain and numbness and terrible toothache; she looked extremely weak at the time.

He said “She is a delicate, sensitive 25 years old girl and does not handle stress well. Our daughter’s place is in university following her dreams and aspirations not in a dark, damp, scary prison cell.”

Mr. Shafipour said his daughter was accused of  “conspiracy against national security”. They must show us evidence regarding her conspiracy against national security allegations. She has not been allowed to hire a lawyer because of being in solitary. Every time I ask the authorities about the charges against Maryam they do not give me any convincing answers or any response at all.”

Maryam’s father, a veteran of Iran/Iraq war added: “I’m more than 60 years old and I’ve worked hard all these years and have never seen such a behavior till now. Prison guards and judicial authorities do not even respond to our basic questions as concerned parents. I wrote numerous letters to authorities without any results and I urge president Rouhani and his new government to help us get to the bottom of this matter and to send her case to the court as soon as possible. If she has not committed any crime or wrong doing, they must release her from solitary and better yet, prison altogether. I repeat I am only a concerned, and worried father, and I want my daughter to come back home.”

More details of the case, citing a source close to the family of Maryam Shfipour, who requested anonymity, told “Taghato”, on Tuesday visit of the family to Evin Court, Mr. Khorishidi the case prosecutor told them to track the status of the case in revolutionary court, he also stressed that from now on her daughter will not have any visitation privileges and will be denied phone calls.

One of her interrogator officers who calls himself “Bahari” told her father she won’t even be released on bail till the court date and he better ask his daughter to cooperate with officials.

Maryam Shfipour’s sick mother (a retired teacher who is been suffering from heart disease) has not been safe from agents harassment either, one day when she was alone at home, the government agents arrived at the house unannounced without warrant and threatened her to keep quiet.

It worth mentioning that Maryam, a former agricultural engineering student from Qazvin International University, was suspended after 2nd semesters and was expelled from university while in the eighth semester due to her student activities, and having a blog. Maryam was summoned to the prosecutor’s office on mid- July this year on fifth of August after attending “Shahid Moqadas” court number two in Evin prison, and she was arrested by the case prosecutor.

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